mercredi 16 septembre 2009

Eid Mubarak!

Assalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb.
Dear family and friends,
Time for us to farewell Ramadan, welcoming Eid
Prepare new day to come full of joy and happiness
from deep within my heart,
may I ask your forgiveness of my wrongdoings
Hope we all be able to come back to purity

Wassalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb.
Raras WIRASTO & family

jeudi 6 août 2009

Cheese Stick

My friend was so generous lend me her pasta machine a week ago after we made Cheese Stick together at her house. unfortunately, we did not make lots of photos cause too busy (our first trial and directly made 2 batch recipes). and today, I made again but only one recipe and took some photographs. before I already made a promise to take step by step photos and please do forgive me, I forgot some steps :p

talking about this recipe, this savory snack is very cheesy and crunchy. you can not stop eat it until your jar is empty. i can not say it's easy to make, emmm...nope, it is easy but not simple, require more effort to do it. yet, the results are very good. it is worth enough, don't worry!
today, I made them with my dearest hubby and my daughter. thank you darling!!
well, the incredible recipe, I got it from my talented blogger friend Ine Sena @ Papua. I recommend you to visit her blog, full of drooling foods :D

Cheese Stick
source : Ine Sena @
bahan :
450 gr tepung terigu protein sedang / medium wheat flour/all purp flour (me : all flour using all purpose flour)
50 gr tepung terigu protein tinggi/ high wheat flour
200 gr tepung tapioka/ tapioka starch
25 gr tepung maizena/ corn starch or maizena
10 gr tepung santan instant (optional) / coconut milk powder
1/2 sdm baking powder / table spoon of baking powder
100 gr mentega / butter
250 gr keju parmesan/edam/cheddar parut / cheese : parmesan,edam,cheddar - shredded
1/2 sdm garam / tablespoon salt
2 butir telur, kocok lepas / eggs - beaten
300 ml air dingin / cold water
2 lt minyak goreng kualitas baik / oil for frying

cara membuat/ directions :
- panaskan minyak goreng dalam wajan dengan api sedang-kecil.
preheat the oil in frying pan - low until medium heat

- ayak semua bahan kering, lalu masukkan semua bahan lainnya kecuali air, aduk rata menggunakan ujung-ujung jari tangan.
sieve all the dry ingredients, mix in the other ingredients except water, using your finger tips combine all.

- tambahkan air sedikit demi sedikit, aduk hingga adonan menggumpal, jadi tidak usah terlalu lama diuleni.
pour in cold water gradually, mix until the dough gathered. you don't need to overmix them

- giling adonan sebagian-sebagian kecil dengan gilingan mie/pasta dengan ketebalan dari no. 1 hingga no. 4, potong-potong, lalu potong dengan gilingan untuk memotong kwetiaw.
with pasta machine, shape the dough, from no. 1 until no. 4 and then continue with big noodle shape.

- goreng hingga kuning keemasan.
fry until golden brown

*tips penting : agar minyak tidak berbusa, ketika akan menggiling adonan bila adonan terlihat agak lengket, gunakan tepung tapioka sesedikit mungkin. caranya, pulas setipis mungkin tepung tapioka dengan tangan di atas permukaan meja kerja kita, pipihkan adonan yang akan kita giling tempelkan di atas pulasan tepung tapioka tadi. lakukan yg sama dengan sisi lainnya. adonan siap digiling, usahakan jangan dipulas tepung tapioka lagi.

tips : try to use less tapioka starch when you are shapping, so that the oil will not so foamy. lining your working table with small amount of tapioka starch, flatten the dough and spread on the working table, do the same for the other side. then the dough ready to flatten and try not to line with more tapioka starch.

the pasta machine :

the ingredients :

the dough after shaping, so sorry, forgot to shot the dough before shapping :p

when frying, be carefull, do not put in to much dough, it was foamy and the oil spread out from the pan

just after fried, absorb the need lot of towel paper

ready to test...:D yeah mommy, it's soooo goooood ;)

mardi 28 juillet 2009

Black Forest

Black forest cake is never ending...this cake become one of my favorite cake. For any special occasion, I prefer make this and try to change the decoration. Time to combine butter cream and chocolate melting plus shredded for the top. what do you think?

very close to dead line, today I submit the photo for Click July 2009. The theme is Bi-Colour, very interesting right?
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lundi 15 juin 2009

Sweet Spicy Fried Tempeh & Tofu (Kering Tempe Tahu)

Tempeh or tempe in Javanese is made by a natural culturing and controlled fermentation process that binds soybeans into cake form ( Very rich in protein, fiber and vitamins. Here in French, you may find it in Bio Food Store (Magasins Bio).

I was very happy when I knew Tempeh are available here in Cannes. I am Indonesian, and before almost everyday I eat tempe. A biggest fan of tempe he? And after I moved to Cannes more than a year ago, I could find it until a friend of mine shared information to me. Ok, then I found it in Bio Food Store. Yey...finally.

Now I want to share one of Tempeh recipe, as a side dish. As always, we eat tempe with rice (with rice or yellow rich,two of them are good). easy to make and delicious.

Voila, here is the recipe :

ingredients :
1 pack of Tempe, cut in small rectangle shape, then fry until golden brown
3 shallots, chop
2 garlics, chop
2 - 3 red chillies, slice thinly (if you don't like spicy/hot, you can remove the pit/seed before slicing)
1 cm galanga
2 bay leaves
1 - 2 tsp sliced coconut sugar
1-2 tbsp sweet soybean sauce
1 eye of tamarind diluted in 30 cc water
oil to fry and saute

how to :
1. fry sliced tempeh until golden brow, drain it from the oil
2. stir fry the shallots and garlics until fragrant, add in galanga,bayleaf.
3. mix in tempeh,soybean sauce,tamarind water,sugar. stir well.
4. add chillis and season with salt and pepper. this must be depend on your taste. for me, the taste must be sweet,salty and spicy.
5. if it's already mixed well and dry (not watery), remove from stove. ready to serve with warm rice as a main dish.

mercredi 10 juin 2009

Pampis Ikan Sarden (Sardine cook in Manadonese)

Actually, the original recipe from Manado, the capital city of North Sulawesi, Indonesia call Cakalang (Skipjack Tuna). But since I already drooled and were in rush to cook, so I changed it with my sardines in can. This side dish will do very yummy with warm rice. Be careful, maybe you will ask more rice and ... water! hmm, it's hot & spicy!! just perfect as I imagine it.

Here we go with the original recipe :

Cakalang Pampis
source :

Bahan (ingredients) :

1 ekor ikan cakalang/tongkol (cakalang/skipjack tuna)
5 bh bawang merah (shallots)
2 siung bawang putih (garlics)
1 ruas jahe (about 2 cm ginger)
15 bh cabe rawit (bird chili)
5 bh cabe merah (red chili)
¼ ltr minyak kelapa, untuk menumis (vegetable oil for saute)
Garam secukupnya (salt)
Sereh secukupnya (lemongrass)
Daun bawang secukupnya (spring onion)

Cara membuat (direction) :

· Ikan cakalang dibersihkan, dikukus lalu dibersihkan dari tulang-tulangnya, lalu ikannya disuir-suir.

(steam the fish,remove the bones,cut into small piece)

· Bawang merah, bawang putih, jahe, cabe rawit, cabe merah semuanya dihaluskan.

(make into paste helped by your food processor or mortar & pestle : shallots,garlic,ginger,chili)

Sereh dimemarkan, daun bawang diiris tipis-tipis.

(crush the lemongrass, finely chop the spring onion)

· Bumbu yang telah dihaluskan ditumis hingga harum, lalu tambahkan sereh, daun bawang.

(saute paste ingredients until fragrant, add in lemongrass and spring onion)

· Setelah bumbunya agak matang, tambahkan ikan cakalang yang sudah disuir, aduk hingga rata dan masak hingga kering. Angkat.
(add in the fish,stir it well and cook until dry. remove from pan

dimanche 7 juin 2009

Banana Cake

Another banana cake. Yes, I did 4 times with different recipes. But I think the latest recipe that I like most. The texture so moist and not like 'flour' cake.
Thanks a lot to my dear friend Rachmah, who share the recipe. So good!! Two thumbs up :)

Original Recipe by Rachmah Setyawati

200 gr Mentega/ butter
175 gr Gula Pasir/ sugar
250 gr Pisang / ripe banana
2 btr Telur Antero(utuh) / eggs
Vanilli essence
190 gr Tepung Terigu / flour
15 gr susu bbk / milk powder
10 gr maizena / corn starch
1/2 sdt Baking Powder / 1/2 teaspoon baking powder

Cara Pembuatan :
1. Kocok mentega & gula hingga lembut (beat butter and sugar until smooth)
2. Masukkan telur satu per satu, kocok lembut (beat in egg, one by one)
3. Masukkan pisang yg sdh dihaluskan, kocok rata (beat in mashed banana)
4. Beri Vanilli essence, aduk (add in vanilli essence)
5. Masukkan bahan kering, aduk rata (add in flour,milk powder, corn starch,baking powder)
6. Panaskan oven, kurleb 160 derajat celcius, panggang hingga matang (bake 160°C until done, don't forget to preheat the oven. me, i bake it for 30-40 minutes)

*** Topping atau filling optional
me : dusted the cake with sugar powder and cocoa powder
me : i baked with loaf pan and 6 brioche pans

Well, the theme for Click June edition is Stacks, and my pic really match with the theme. I submit my first photo for the event. Interested to join also? visit here.

also featured @ Tastespotting

Soto Ayam (Indonesian Chicken Soup)

I was happy when I served this special soup from Indonesia for lunch with my Japanese friend, Kazzie, a couple months ago. she was very excited and liked it. then I promised her to post the recipe. I am really sorry, it took so long until now I write the recipe. Dear Kazzie, bon courage! tu peux essayer maintenant.

Indonesian Chicken Soup (Chicken Soto/Soto Ayam)
for 3-4 servings
Ingredients :
4 pieces of chickens (any part, with bones), bring to boil and shimmer with 1,5-2 l water
rice cake/rice
vermicelli, soak in hot water
bean sprout, blanch in hot water
cabbage, slice thinly, blanch in hot water
onion spring, chopped
fried shallots
prawn snack

paste ingredients :
5 shallots
3 garlic
2 cm fresh ginger (powder - 1/2 tsp)
1 cm fresh turmeric (powder : 1/2 tsp
additional ingredients :
4 kafir leaves
2 lemongrass, crushed
2 cm galangal,crushed


direction :
1. bring to boil and then keep cook at medium heat the chicken
2. saute until fragrant the paste ingredients and additional ingredients
then stir into chicken broth,cook until boil, season with salt and sugar as you wish
4. take the chicken and cut thinly
5. prepare in a bowl : rice cake,vermicelli,cabbage,bean sprout,onion spring,chicken.
6. pour the soup into the bowl, sprinkle with fried shallots and prawn snack.
7. if you like, eat with chili paste (chili, bring to boil, drained and crushed to bits. add with few of chicken soup)
8. serve while hot/warm
optional : add some boiled eggs, cut half.