jeudi 19 février 2009

[Foodie event] Gembus

Whoaaa...I spent almost 3 weeks to think what kind of food I submit for this event hosted by my foodie blogger fellow Rurie Sofyaniek (I adore her idea to launch this event...) The stock of ingredients are the most difficulty problem of me since I live far far away from my country. And of course, I want to introduce something from my hometown. After a lot of browsing and recalling my childhood memories, I decided to submit Gembus, a savoury snack from my hometown Cilacap, Central Java. Thanks God, I could find the ingredients here and very easy to make.

As I remember, when I was in elementary school, we usually bought Gembus when there were an event such as Marriage, Calung (traditional music attraction), Wayang, or other music attraction. But yes, now we still can find some street seller who sell Gembus in Cilacap.

The main ingredient is Singkong (in Bahasa) or Cassava/Manioc Root in English. You may see this link also to enrich your knowledge of cassava. For the recipe and how to make you may see below. The source of the recipe is here.

The recipe & the directions :
source :, a culinary article by Wagino

I used 2 pack of frozen manioc like this
(to make around 20 round) :

then steam until done and then mash until smooth (see the pic). I add pinch of salt to taste.

You make a shape like a doughnut :

Then they are ready to fry in a hot oil until yellowish. Eat them warm with chili sauce or tomato, as you like.

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Hi Tanti are u doing?

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