jeudi 29 janvier 2009

Gado-Gado Surabaya

As a result of my blogwalking,I made this Gado-gado Surabaya. First time I saw the picture at Pepy's blog : The Art and Science of Food, I was craving...mmm, so mouthwatering :D Then, voila...the day after, I made it. Really really remind me of my homeland. I can't explain any further because Pepy already explained about the food so good. You may click directly and find how wonderful her blog. J'adore ca...i adore it.
So here, I just can show you my gado-gado :) while the recipe here.

Tom Yum Soup

Join again "Masak Bareng" January 2009 Edition...what we cook together today? hmmm something sour, hot yet warm up your day. The food come from Thailand serve as an opening. With fresh prawn, squid, scallops, clam or fish (whatever you want) inside this soup is worth enough to try. Actually, since I live here, in France I often make this soup. We found instant paste in a bottle and the frozen ingredients at Asia Market while the seafood available freshly at the market or supermarket. Plus, it's very easy to make. ok, let's go to the kitchen :)

Tom Yum Soup (for 3 person)
Ingredients :
1 ltr water

2 full tbsp instant tom yum paste

3 red chili, minced

2 lemon gras

5 citron leaves
2 cm galangal

150 gr prawns

150 gr scallops


you may add with : fish fillet,squid,clam (mine, i skipped because my husband couldn't eat those)

Directions :

- boil the water

- stir in the paste and the other ingredients,let it boiling

- then add the prawn and scallops, season with salt. cook until the prawn and the scallops done
- serve while hot.

mercredi 28 janvier 2009

Tahu Gejrot/Fried tofu with chili & sour sauce

This food come from my country,Indonesia precisely from Cirebon, West Java. The main ingredient is tofu and pour with sauce made of chili,coconut sugar,tamarind,garlic and sweet soja sauce. I suggest to eat them warm as a side dish or snack. Very easy to make and make you addictive :)

Tahu Gejrot (for 2 person)

Ingredients :
1 pack of tofu, cut into medium square (me : cut into 16 square)

2 red chili (depend on your taste)
1 garlic

1 tbsp finely chopped coconut sugar (depend on your taste)
1/2 tsp tamarind (or you can subtitute with acid/vinegar)

1 tbsp sweet soja sauce salt small amount of water just to boil the coconut sugar

Direction :

deep fry the tofu,set aside
- grill chili and garlic
- boil the water & coconut sugar in a sauce pan until the coconut sugar melted

- pour in grilled chili and garlic

- add in tamarind and season with salt

- add sweet soja sauce (you can adjust the taste depend on your taste buds)
- arrange the tofu on a plate, pour the sauce on it. mashed a bit the tofu, so the sauce will be absorbed by the tofu

the result should be a not to thick sauce, sour,sweet, and a bit spicy. For me, I like it spicy and sweet, not to sour.

ps : this is the photo of tofu i often use for my cuisine...the taste good and soft.

** I submit my first photo above for Click February 2009 with the theme : Cheese/Tofu. This food photography event hosted by Bee & Jai from Jugalbandi.

samedi 24 janvier 2009

Cheese Brownies (Steam or Bake)

The original recipe actually is a Steamed Cheese Brownies...but, because the batter too much for my baking pan and not enough space inside my steamer, so i put the rest of them in a small pan for brioche lined with paper cup and baked.
I liked both of the result, moist and so cheesy. I found this marvelous recipes from Dewi Anwar - Kitchen Craft.

Steamed Cheese Brownies/Brownies Kukus Keju

Source : Sahak Pribadi

Modfied by : Dewi Anwar

Ingredients A/Bahan A :
3 eggs/Telur 3 butir
100 gr sugar/Gula 100 gram
1/2tbsp Emulsifier/Emulsifier 1/2 sdm

Ingredients B/Bahan B :

60 gr Flour/Tepung terigu 60 gram (modified by Dewi : use low protein flour/aku pakai protein rendah)

20 gr Maizena/Maizena 20 gram (modified by Dewi : 50 gr / ditambah menjadi 50 gr)

1tsp salt/Garam 1 sdt (modified by Dewi: I skipped/aku gak pake)

40 gr milk powder/Susu bubuk 40 gram (modified by Dewi : I skipped/aku gak pake)

Ingredient C/Bahan C :
250 gr cream cheese,at room temperature/250 gr cream cheese, biarkan disuhu ruang

Ingredient D/Bahan D :
100 gr butter, melted/Butter 100 gram dicairkan (modified : change with Salad Oil/ aku ganti dengan salad oil dengan jumlah yg sama)

Ingredients for Ganache/Bahan Ganache :

100 ml liqiud whipped cream or fresh cream, mix until firm/100 ml Whipped cream cair, kocok kaku

90 gr dark cooking chocolate, melted, mix into fresh cream, mix well, put into piping bag and use star shape spuit no 22/
90 gr dark cooking coklat cairkan, masukan kedalam whipped cream sambil dikocok dng mixer
masukan kedlm piping bag, beri spuit bintang no. 22

sprinkle with 1-2 slices cheese, cut with any shape of cookie cutter /
1-2 lbr keju lembaran, cetak dng cookie cutter yg kecil2 berbentuk bunga atau sesuka hati.

Direction / Cara Membuatnya :

1. Mix ingredients A until fluffy/Kocok bahan A sampai mengembang
2. Mix in ingredients B,mix well/Masukan bahan B lalu aduk sampai rata.
3. Whisk ingredients C until creamy, pour into the mixture A&B,mix well/Kocok bahan C sampai halus kemudian masukan keadonan lalu aduk sampai rata.
4. Pour in ingredient D/Masukkan bahan D (mentega cair).

Pour in the batter into paper cup or baking pan,steam it around 20 minute/Tuang keloyang cup cake yg telah dialasi paper cup, lalu kukus kurang lebih 20 menit. (tanti : I also baked part of the batter)
6. Cooling on the wire rack, topping with ganache & sprinkle with the cheese/Setelah matang, dinginkan, semprotkan ganache diatasnya beri hiasan keju

vendredi 23 janvier 2009

Click January 2009 : Red Tomato & Chili

I submit this photo for Click January 2009 : Red. If you do not know what is Click, just come and visit the link I gave. Briefly, Click is a monthly food photography event hosted by Jugalbandi. I often visit the site when I am blog walking but not courageous enough to submit my entry, so now here my first entry ;)

Those are the ingredients that I often use for my Indonesian cuisine such as tomato "sambal" or any kind of "balado". They are red chili,tomato, shallot and garlic. You can put them in a food processor to make it as a paste or do as mine, use a traditional mortar & pestle. After, stir fry the paste for a couple minutes until the fragrance come out, don't forget season it with salt & sugar and voila...the tomato sambal is ready to serve with any dish you make and steam rice. Or if you want to make balado, you can add prawn, fish, egg,meat, tofu, anchovy fish and peanut or anything you want to make with. Me, I like to put in sweet soya bean ketchup to enrich my balado taste. One of balado I ever made posted here (recipe in bahasa Indonesia).

And here are another shots of mine :

dimanche 18 janvier 2009

(No) Espresso Brownies

I made this brownies for our friends because we invited to have lunch together at their house last Sunday. As always, I worked it out in last minutes. In the morning around 9 o' clock I started to prepare and bake. And the result is, the brownies a little bit sticky and messy to cut. Suppose we let it cooled until firm then cut it. Because I ran out the time I cut when those were still warm...But the taste so yummy...choco and chewy gooey. Interested ? I knew the recipe from my friend at Multiply, Mbak Rachmah. Thank you Mbak...You may go directly here.
The real recipe using espresso coffee but mine not because of the children...we didn't want them eat too much coffee in their food (considered the day after was Monday...the school day!).

Simple Garlic Bread

If you are craving of Garlic Bread from Pizza Hut but you can't find it around your city just do what I did... You only need :
1 French Baguette,
garlic powder,
oregano powder,
salted butter.
That's it!
Preheat your oven. Then cut your Baguette, spread with salted butter up and bottom side, sprinkle with garlic powder and oregano. Put on your baking sheet lined with baking paper and bake around 5-8 minutes at 150 DC. Don't over baked your bread. Eat it directly when they are still warm. will smell the garlic and oregano all around your apartment. That's already make you feel inside the Pizza Resto :D :D

jeudi 1 janvier 2009

New Day New Hope!

Best wishes for all of you in the New Year 2009...