vendredi 23 janvier 2009

Click January 2009 : Red Tomato & Chili

I submit this photo for Click January 2009 : Red. If you do not know what is Click, just come and visit the link I gave. Briefly, Click is a monthly food photography event hosted by Jugalbandi. I often visit the site when I am blog walking but not courageous enough to submit my entry, so now here my first entry ;)

Those are the ingredients that I often use for my Indonesian cuisine such as tomato "sambal" or any kind of "balado". They are red chili,tomato, shallot and garlic. You can put them in a food processor to make it as a paste or do as mine, use a traditional mortar & pestle. After, stir fry the paste for a couple minutes until the fragrance come out, don't forget season it with salt & sugar and voila...the tomato sambal is ready to serve with any dish you make and steam rice. Or if you want to make balado, you can add prawn, fish, egg,meat, tofu, anchovy fish and peanut or anything you want to make with. Me, I like to put in sweet soya bean ketchup to enrich my balado taste. One of balado I ever made posted here (recipe in bahasa Indonesia).

And here are another shots of mine :

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bee a dit…

thanks for a lovely entry.

Dwiana P a dit…

ahhh ini foto cakep bener. Foto yg pertama gw jatuh cinta.