samedi 24 janvier 2009

Cheese Brownies (Steam or Bake)

The original recipe actually is a Steamed Cheese Brownies...but, because the batter too much for my baking pan and not enough space inside my steamer, so i put the rest of them in a small pan for brioche lined with paper cup and baked.
I liked both of the result, moist and so cheesy. I found this marvelous recipes from Dewi Anwar - Kitchen Craft.

Steamed Cheese Brownies/Brownies Kukus Keju

Source : Sahak Pribadi

Modfied by : Dewi Anwar

Ingredients A/Bahan A :
3 eggs/Telur 3 butir
100 gr sugar/Gula 100 gram
1/2tbsp Emulsifier/Emulsifier 1/2 sdm

Ingredients B/Bahan B :

60 gr Flour/Tepung terigu 60 gram (modified by Dewi : use low protein flour/aku pakai protein rendah)

20 gr Maizena/Maizena 20 gram (modified by Dewi : 50 gr / ditambah menjadi 50 gr)

1tsp salt/Garam 1 sdt (modified by Dewi: I skipped/aku gak pake)

40 gr milk powder/Susu bubuk 40 gram (modified by Dewi : I skipped/aku gak pake)

Ingredient C/Bahan C :
250 gr cream cheese,at room temperature/250 gr cream cheese, biarkan disuhu ruang

Ingredient D/Bahan D :
100 gr butter, melted/Butter 100 gram dicairkan (modified : change with Salad Oil/ aku ganti dengan salad oil dengan jumlah yg sama)

Ingredients for Ganache/Bahan Ganache :

100 ml liqiud whipped cream or fresh cream, mix until firm/100 ml Whipped cream cair, kocok kaku

90 gr dark cooking chocolate, melted, mix into fresh cream, mix well, put into piping bag and use star shape spuit no 22/
90 gr dark cooking coklat cairkan, masukan kedalam whipped cream sambil dikocok dng mixer
masukan kedlm piping bag, beri spuit bintang no. 22

sprinkle with 1-2 slices cheese, cut with any shape of cookie cutter /
1-2 lbr keju lembaran, cetak dng cookie cutter yg kecil2 berbentuk bunga atau sesuka hati.

Direction / Cara Membuatnya :

1. Mix ingredients A until fluffy/Kocok bahan A sampai mengembang
2. Mix in ingredients B,mix well/Masukan bahan B lalu aduk sampai rata.
3. Whisk ingredients C until creamy, pour into the mixture A&B,mix well/Kocok bahan C sampai halus kemudian masukan keadonan lalu aduk sampai rata.
4. Pour in ingredient D/Masukkan bahan D (mentega cair).

Pour in the batter into paper cup or baking pan,steam it around 20 minute/Tuang keloyang cup cake yg telah dialasi paper cup, lalu kukus kurang lebih 20 menit. (tanti : I also baked part of the batter)
6. Cooling on the wire rack, topping with ganache & sprinkle with the cheese/Setelah matang, dinginkan, semprotkan ganache diatasnya beri hiasan keju

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Zzie a dit…

Was lovely seeing you today.
I love all the photos you took!
It's so lovely.
And cakes look very yummy too!

a l f i a dit…

looks moist n yummy...
ça donne de l'eau dans la bouche... =p~