dimanche 18 janvier 2009

(No) Espresso Brownies

I made this brownies for our friends because we invited to have lunch together at their house last Sunday. As always, I worked it out in last minutes. In the morning around 9 o' clock I started to prepare and bake. And the result is, the brownies a little bit sticky and messy to cut. Suppose we let it cooled until firm then cut it. Because I ran out the time I cut when those were still warm...But the taste so yummy...choco and chewy gooey. Interested ? I knew the recipe from my friend at Multiply, Mbak Rachmah. Thank you Mbak...You may go directly here.
The real recipe using espresso coffee but mine not because of the children...we didn't want them eat too much coffee in their food (considered the day after was Monday...the school day!).

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