mercredi 28 janvier 2009

Tahu Gejrot/Fried tofu with chili & sour sauce

This food come from my country,Indonesia precisely from Cirebon, West Java. The main ingredient is tofu and pour with sauce made of chili,coconut sugar,tamarind,garlic and sweet soja sauce. I suggest to eat them warm as a side dish or snack. Very easy to make and make you addictive :)

Tahu Gejrot (for 2 person)

Ingredients :
1 pack of tofu, cut into medium square (me : cut into 16 square)

2 red chili (depend on your taste)
1 garlic

1 tbsp finely chopped coconut sugar (depend on your taste)
1/2 tsp tamarind (or you can subtitute with acid/vinegar)

1 tbsp sweet soja sauce salt small amount of water just to boil the coconut sugar

Direction :

deep fry the tofu,set aside
- grill chili and garlic
- boil the water & coconut sugar in a sauce pan until the coconut sugar melted

- pour in grilled chili and garlic

- add in tamarind and season with salt

- add sweet soja sauce (you can adjust the taste depend on your taste buds)
- arrange the tofu on a plate, pour the sauce on it. mashed a bit the tofu, so the sauce will be absorbed by the tofu

the result should be a not to thick sauce, sour,sweet, and a bit spicy. For me, I like it spicy and sweet, not to sour.

ps : this is the photo of tofu i often use for my cuisine...the taste good and soft.

** I submit my first photo above for Click February 2009 with the theme : Cheese/Tofu. This food photography event hosted by Bee & Jai from Jugalbandi.

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naksir cobeknya euy...

la maman de naiya a dit…

:D...bekel dr Indo nih,tp cuman buat nampang ajah,soalnya buat ngulek gak owkeh...

My comfort food network a dit…

Very nice picture and recipe. YUM!

la maman de naiya a dit…

thank you for drop by...