jeudi 29 janvier 2009

Gado-Gado Surabaya

As a result of my blogwalking,I made this Gado-gado Surabaya. First time I saw the picture at Pepy's blog : The Art and Science of Food, I was craving...mmm, so mouthwatering :D Then, voila...the day after, I made it. Really really remind me of my homeland. I can't explain any further because Pepy already explained about the food so good. You may click directly and find how wonderful her blog. J'adore ca...i adore it.
So here, I just can show you my gado-gado :) while the recipe here.

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Indonesia-Eats a dit…

Hi, your gado-gado is looking really good. Now, I am craving for it, again. Thanks for trying the recipe. For sure, feel free to link my blog back. Thanks, again!