jeudi 29 janvier 2009

Tom Yum Soup

Join again "Masak Bareng" January 2009 Edition...what we cook together today? hmmm something sour, hot yet warm up your day. The food come from Thailand serve as an opening. With fresh prawn, squid, scallops, clam or fish (whatever you want) inside this soup is worth enough to try. Actually, since I live here, in France I often make this soup. We found instant paste in a bottle and the frozen ingredients at Asia Market while the seafood available freshly at the market or supermarket. Plus, it's very easy to make. ok, let's go to the kitchen :)

Tom Yum Soup (for 3 person)
Ingredients :
1 ltr water

2 full tbsp instant tom yum paste

3 red chili, minced

2 lemon gras

5 citron leaves
2 cm galangal

150 gr prawns

150 gr scallops


you may add with : fish fillet,squid,clam (mine, i skipped because my husband couldn't eat those)

Directions :

- boil the water

- stir in the paste and the other ingredients,let it boiling

- then add the prawn and scallops, season with salt. cook until the prawn and the scallops done
- serve while hot.

2 commentaires:

Masak Bareng a dit…

wah pake bumbunya sama :)kl aku tak tambahin lg serai,jeruk nipis, daun jeruknya pokoknya biar mantep

maap baru bisa mampir :)

makasih ya

deeTha a dit…

mampir... nyicip tom yum :D :D enak...