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This sweet snack also one of traditional food from Indonesia. When I was little girl, my mom always brought me Onde-onde everytime she went to the traditional market in Indonesia. The taste is combination between sweet inside plus salty and sticky outside. Made from glutenous rice flour for the skin and mashed green soya bean with sugar for the filling. Ah, there is also the taste of sesame seeds good. The best time you eat this snack is when still hot/warm. A cup of tea after will be a plus plus plus.....:)I interested to make Onde-onde by my self after I read Mira's post (recipe in Bahasa). She made Onde-onde from black glutenous rice flour. Hmmm...I was craving it since then. But I couldn't find the flour as the recipe required here, so I just used the ordinary one. It was also good, since I didn't eat this food for long long time kind of that food here :(
I made it good, the taste was there, but I had a problem when I fried it. Some of it exploded. I didn't have any idea why, just guessed, maybe it was to hot the oil...can you see it in the picture below?
Don't wait any longer guys, let's check out the recipe here (i try to translate in English) :
source : from tabloid Koki, posted by Mira -
The skin :
300 gr black glutenous rice flour/tepung ketan hitam - (tanti : I used the white one)
30 gr tapioca flour/tepung kanji

1/4 teaspoon salt /garam
200 ml lukewarm water/ air hangat
100 gr sesameseeds/ wijen

Filling :
75 gr green soya bean without skin/kacang hijau kupas (I did't have it so I used with the skin) - put into the water for about 2 hours/ Rendam air minimal 2 jam.
50 gr caster sugar/ gula halus (tanti : I used the granulated sugar then I grounded it with blender)
100 gr keju cheddar parut (tanti : I used Edam and only 50 gr)


The Filling

From Tabloid Koki :

- Steamed the green soya bean until it smooth/ kukus kacang hijau hingga lunak

- While those still warm, mashed it/ panas-panas haluskan
- Well combined with the sugar and the cheese/ campur dengan gula halus dan keju

- Make them a small ball shape, set aside / buat bola-bola sebesar kelereng. Sisihkan

Mira's direction :
- The steamed green soja bean mashed with the sugar and then steamed them back for about 5 minutes to make it more smooth / Kacang hijau kukus saya haluskan dengan gula pasir. Lalu saya kukus kembali sekitar 5 menit (soalnya belum terlalu empuk..hihihihihi)

The skin :
- Mix together the glutenous rice flour, tapioca flour, salt in one place. Pour inside the warm water slowly.
Campur tepung ketan, tepung kanji, dan garam dalam wadah. Masukkan air hangat sedikit demi sedikit.

- Blend it well.

Uleni hingga kalis
- Take small part of a dough, make it thin, fill in the filling, shape it like a ball.
Ambil sejumput adonan, pipihkan, isi dengan adonan isi, bulatkan kembali.

- Put into the water for a while, after cover with the sesame seeds.
Gulingkan dalam air sebentar
. Baru gulingkan ke dalam wijen sampai terbalut semuanya
- Deep fry the dought with a moderate hot until done.
Goreng dalam minyak yang banyak dan api sedang sampai matang

- Serve it warm
Sajikan hangat

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