dimanche 14 décembre 2008

Wingko Babat

Wingko babat is one of traditional food from Semarang, Indonesia. It's a sweet, sticky snack made from grated coconut and glutenous rice flour. Now, there are a lot of savour of Wingko Babat. One of my favorite is Durian flavour. Since I craved this food a lot, so i browsed and found it at Rita Bellnad, Australia.
It wasn't complicated to make it...very easy..
Source : Mbak Rita Bellnad-Australia
500 gr glutenous rice flour
500 gr grated coconut ( you may find it in a frozen section in Asian Grocery)
600 ml coconut milk
270 gr sugar
1 tsp salt

Put coconut milk in the saucepan bring to boil. Set aside let it cool mix in grated coconut.
On the medium bowl add flour, sugar, salt add coconut mixture mix thoroughly. Pour the mixture into greased square tin. Bake about 40 minute or until golden brown in both side.
It's best cut and served after the next day.
(tanti : i used these 8 set of brioche pan, i only made 1/2 of the recipe)

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Anonyme a dit…

Just a litle bit feedback, though there is a popular Wingko which made and produced in Semarang, but as the name suggest "Wingko Babat" originally comes from Babat, a litle town in Lamongan - East Java Province. This is the culinary Icon of Lamongan beside their famous Soto Lamongan. Regards...Indonesian Food Lovers...Tari