lundi 27 avril 2009

Es Teler (Cold Dessert)

es teler pinky

I don't know for how many months I didn't drink this ice. This ice made from coconut milk, coco pandan syrup, condensed milk and contain of fruits (usually we use avocado,young coconut). I often buy avocado for my little daughter every time I go to supermarket. After I saw Jack fruit in a can at Asia Market, then I realized, hey...I can make Es Teler from it. Continued my searching, I found Durian and young frozen coconut. Ok, those were enough to make a delicious dessert. plus i still had tapioca pearl and some mango.

And don't ask me why Indonesian people name it Es Teler...If I can translate by word, ES means Ice and Teler means Drunk. Maybe, just my opinion, after you drink this ice, you will drunk since it's so addicted :)) just try it!

It's spring here in French...I like it a lot...the weather slightly hotter and all the flowers in my terrace are blossom out so I can take a picture outside with the flowers as background. lovely, isn't it?


Es Teler
for 3-4 persons

1/2 can of lyche
1/2 can of jackfruit , cut it square

1 ripe avocado, cut it square

1/4 mango, cut it square
young coconut pulpe (i used frozen,1/4 pack of 450gr)

1 handfull of tapioca pearl, boil in the water until done, drain

durian (i used frozen durian about 3 pieces) ------------ if you don't like durian, you may skip it

150 cc of coconut milk mix with 200 cc of water & sugar depend on your taste bud
sweet condensed milk
framboze syrup (or cocopandan ---> recommended)

how to :

- boil coconut milk,water and sugar. keep stiring, don't let the coconut milk lost its consistency.

- prepare all the fruits in a large bowl. add tapioca pearl and young coconut.

- mix coconut milk and fruits mix. stir in milk, syrup and don't forget to taste it. it's really depend on your taste. if you like it sweet then add more milk or sugar.

- cool it in refrigerator. add some ice cube just before serving.

I participate my first photo for Click April 2009 - Spring/Fall, hosted by Jugalbandi.

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bee a dit…

jackfruit is my fav fruit. thanks for a beautiful recipe and CLICK entry.

la maman de naiya a dit…

thanks Bee...i really enjoy being part of your event :)
hopefully someday you can try my recipe ;)